SATORI and StudySmart form a strategic alliance in the area of Corporate Governance.

Satori is happy to announce that it has formed a strategic alliance with StudySmart to support companies in the area of Corporate Governance with a special emphasis on Corporate Governance training and Board Members skills & requirements. 

The strategic alliance aims at offering a specific range of services to our corporate clients as well as developing a joint clientele base in the increasingly critical area of Corporate Governance. Our joint offering includes extensive training in Corporate Governance, Headhunting and identification of best possible Board Structure and Board Members, Board Members Training on their role and responsibilities, as well as Board Members accreditation.

This alliance was formed based on the two companies shared vision and principles:

-Dedication in excellence

-Complementary services that focus on international innovation in the increasing demand and important area of Corporate Governance.

Embracing the importance of Corporate Governance and Board of Directors function in safeguarding corporate and shareholder interest, promoting company reputation and creating shareholder value, both companies will be seamlessly combining their expertise and skills to support their international clientele base.

About StudySmart:

Studysmart is an innovative organization set up by experts operating in the educational, professional training and publishing fields. StudySmart has an established track record of offering a broad range of professional services to demanding and diverse clients. The organization was set up in 2005 by Dr. Constantine Kiritsis who set up and established the professional training market in Greece by offering and teaching ACCA, CIA, CFA, IFRS, CIMA, CIPP, ICA and other courses since 1999. In the field of professional training, StudySmart operates on an international level in over 40 countries globally.

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