Our Story

Our Philosophy

We strive to create long-lasting relationships. In order to truly understand, we love to listen. We know we live in a dynamic business environment, therefore, before engaging, we need to deeply understand the issue in place, our client specifics and their environment. We ask a lot of questions in order to get down to the root of the challenge. Along with our partners, we define the roadmap, the deliverables and the KPIs of each individual project.

We commit to the task and the relationship; we need our customers to commit as well. We will never assume a "project" we are not convinced we can address successfully.

We are ready to adapt and react at any time as new information is added along the way. We are always direct and act in the best interest of our clients.

Our Team

Kostas Karakostas


Tony Stockdale

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Vicky Stockdale

Lead Consultant

Patrick Knight

Lead Consultant

Dimitris Kessaris

Lead Consultant

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