Vicky Stockdale (Founder of Stockdale & Associates) joins SATORI to further strengthen Executive Search activities.

We are happy to announce that Vicky Stockdale, Founder of Stockdale & Associates has agreed to join SATORI, thus providing leadership and further strengthening our expertise and client base in the field.

Vicky has an over 25 years of successful experience in Executive Search. Throughout   these years Stockdale & Associates has built a strong reputation for its high level of quality services, ethics and focus on customer satisfaction and emerged as a prime Executive Search firm in Greece.

As a part of SATORI, Vicky’s legacy will further strengthen and at the same time enforce SATORI client base skills and human capital.

As a Lead Consultant, Vicky will be a valuable asset to SATORI Executive Search services, bringing her experience, know-how and leadership on board.

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